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  April 1997 - Compatibility In The Workplace (93k)
  March 1997 - Your Past Can Control Your Future (111k)
  February 1997 - But I Don't Use Drugs! (84k)
  December 1996 - Holiday Gift-Giving Ideas (263k) - not currently available
  November 1996 - Searching For The Right Career? (247k) - not currently available
  October 1996 - Select A Spouse Menu (150k)
  August 1996 - Do You Date The Lawyer Or Cowboy? (92k)
  July 1996 - A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words....Sometimes (67k)
  June 1996 - Ted Kaczynski, Not Just Shy (90k)
  May 1996 - Getting To Know Someone (113k)

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