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   Self-improvement (improve: happiness, health, relationships, achieve goals)

    Handwriting analysis is a unique and powerful technique for: self-improvement (identify weaknesses and strengths), insight into why one succeeds and/or fails in their career path, recognizing health issues, learning how to improve interpersonal relationships and improve one's general happiness by obtaining a deeper understanding of oneself through the analysis results and consultation.  It is also a way in which one can compare oneself to others: see how your profile compares to Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, an inventor or star sales performer.

    We have three products which can facilitate the above:  The Comprehensive Profile ($225 + 15 minute telephone consultation), the Holland Model ($95), and lastly the self-explanatory Personality Type Model at $50.

    Career guidance

    Brian Tracy, one of America's top time management experts states, "Getting into or staying in a job for which you are not ideally suited is one of the greatest wastes of time and life."  Research supports this by the stunning statistic that 80% (eighty percent!) of workers in the world's free market are misemployed!  Think about it, most people are in the wrong job!  Why?  Several reasons.  An old sailor once told me, "Be careful what you learn while you are young or you may end up doing it the rest of your life!"  This sailor had been a sailor for six decades.  He joined the Navy as a youth, got married, had children and the financial pressures along with a resume of that of a sailor kept him a sailor.  People pursue careers for money, power, attention, to live by the ocean, to be in the family business, to stay close to home, etc.  These are insufficient reasons for a career choice.  Remember, just because you can do a job, and perhaps even perform it well does NOT mean that you will enjoy it.  As a matter of personal reference, I can rebuild car engines because I raced cars after high school.  The fact that I possess this skill does not by itself suggest that this is what should be my career destiny.  I can also mop floors and hang drywall.  An ideal job for a person should not only be a function that they can physically perform; their career choice should also reflect a compatibility to the position as well.  Our Comprehensive Profile, and to a lesser degree our Holland Model Profile can provide invaluable insight into making a compatible decision.  Any of the following HRC products can answer your questions here: $95 Holland Model, $95 Basic Profile or the $225 Comprehensive Profile.

    Profile prospective, present or past dating & marriage partners

    With first time divorce rates at near 50% in the U.S., with remarriage failure rates even higher, one would be foolish to marry without insight into each individual involved.  Furthermore, consider how short life really is, and the months and years one spends dating the wrong person thereby robbing both individuals of their valuable time from identifying a more suitable partner.  Any one of our profiles (the $15, $40, $95 and $225 assessments) is suitable for evaluating potential suitors.  Evaluating oneself is always advisable too as it may explain why a particular relationship is struggling, has failed or which one or if both of the parties involved are the cause for concern.

    Handwriting analysis has another unique advantage over any other form of understanding relationship successes and failings.  I will illustrate by a real life example.  One of our clients, a cowboy, aged 46 had been divorced three times as he came to us and was thinking of proposing to his current fiancee, single mother aged 31 with one child. We suggested that both parties round-up (no pun intended) handwriting samples of their previous husbands and wives to submit for analysis along with evaluating their own handwritings.  What we discovered was that the previous wives (all three!) were practicing alcoholics as was his current fiancee.  The analysis revealed he was not an alcoholic but was excessively tolerant of others.  Now if you had met this cowboy 6' 5"  at around 300 pounds of muscle, one would not think him to be too tolerant, but he was!  The insight for him to realize why he had selected each of these women became clear, he had a strong need to rescue or fix his women.  Without the handwriting samples of the x-wives this insight would likely not have occurred.  How else can one see a pattern objectively about one's past relationship other than through handwriting analysis?  Very often, this is the only way to discover if a person has a pattern in their relationship choices.

    We have other clients who write personal advertisements and request handwritten responses before meeting.  If you collect 10 or more interested parties, then the $15 per applicant sort can screen out the undesirable individuals.  Otherwise, the $40 Risk Assessment, $95 Custom Basic where you pick 16 traits you're interested in or the $225 Comprehensive for when you get serious.  Remember, that it is important to evaluate dating partners BEFORE you get too serious with them, otherwise you will not likely take sound advice regarding the relationship.

    If you don't profile people before date or marry, you take a huge risk.  Compare the analysis cost of $225 for example with even the financial and emotional cost of even a 3 month relationship.  If you marry the wrong person, the damage is often immeasurable by comparison, particularly when children are involved.

   Profile family members (improve communications)

    I don't know of a family that would not benefit from a handwriting analysis and consultation.  Examples of utility here include: a teenager deciding about a college major or career choice, or an unhappy marriage situation, or determining how to improve communications between conflicting family members, or to evaluate deceased family members to better understand who they really were, insight into career choices for a mother reentering the work force in years, profiling family members who work together, and others.

    Gift for someone's birthday or holiday (help them raise self-awareness)

    We have creative clients who have provided a handwriting analysis profile for a loved one for purposes of a gift (birthday, holiday).  The results provide a great tool for self-improvement.  It is particularly appropriate for that person who has everything or you have no idea of what to get them.  The gift is unique and they will never forget it. The results have changed people's lives.  ALL we require to provide the analysis would be a page of writing with a signature, like a typical "Thank You" card would contain or a love letter.  The results can be provided in two days and should most definitely be kept confidential for the person who is being evaluated.  We recommend the $95 Holland Model, the $50 Personality Type or the $225 Comprehensive Profile.

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