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Listed below are the products offered by Handwriting Research Corporation. Each can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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       Pre-Interview Sort:  ($15 per applicant; requires 10 minimum per order)
          Designed to pinpoint which job applicants are worth interviewing, and which are not; this saves you a lot
          of time.  This fast and easy process gives you the advantage of being able to quickly identify and hire
          the best applicants before your competitors.  Applicants are sorted into one of four groups:  very good,
          acceptable, questionable and poor.  Ideal for high volume screening when you don't have time to interview
          everyone, but can't afford to overlook good people.  Self-explanatory results.

For information on how to submit a handwriting sample, what a handwriting sample entails, turnaround time, etc., please enter here for business use or personal use.

For order forms and handwriting sample sheets, please enter here: forms. Consultation from an expert is provided with each handwriting profile. If you are unsure of which product is best suited for your situation, please feel free to contact us through any of the medium listed on our main page.

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