Handwriting Research Corporation

How to send in a handwriting sample: Personal

To get started:

1. Photocopy & reuse or download (as needed) the HRC Order Form and the Handwriting Instruction Form when ordering a handwriting analysis.

2. Complete the Order Form and obtain a handwriting sample, preferably using our form.  A suitable handwriting sample for analysis does not require use of our form, however.  Ideally, obtain: most of a page of cursive writing on unlined paper (if person only prints all capitals, then 2 lines of cursive is desired in addition to the printing).  If person normally mixes print and cursive, or writes lower case print, that is acceptable.  Finally, a signature and date.  The contents of the writing sample are irrelevant, though spontaneous writing is preferred, rather than copying.

3. Mail or fax the completed Order Form with the handwriting sample(s) to HRC.  If you fax, set fax machine on the “fine” or “detail” setting.

4. Analysis results will be returned fax, mailed or Fed-Xed as you requested on the Order Form.  A telephone consultation to review the results is included with most of our products: just call when you’re ready to review.

Turnaround Time:

Results are provided in two business days; one day “rush” services are 25% additional.


Please mail payment in the form of a money order or cashier's check. We are not yet able to provide credit card service.

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