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This page is general in its guidance.  Consult an HRC client service representative for a custom program based upon your needs.  For detailed information, ask for a literature packet or read about our services and products in detail on the internet (http://www.handwriting.com).

As policy, collect and keep on file handwriting samples of ALL employees and job applicants (for use now or later).  Personality profiles can be produced on employees when the need arises, such as: during an investigation, or to understand why an employee who later leaves the company was so successful/ unsuccessful, or to understand why one’s performance has improved or declined over time by comparing earlier handwriting samples to current ones.  Success models can be created by profiling excellent & poor employees for use in screening future job applicants.

To get started:

1. Photocopy & reuse (as needed) the HRC Order Form and the Handwriting Instruction Form when ordering a handwriting analysis.

2. Complete the Order Form and obtain a handwriting sample, preferably using our form.  A suitable handwriting sample for analysis does not require use of our form, however.  Ideally, obtain: most of a page of cursive writing on unlined paper (if person only prints all capitals, then 2 lines of cursive is desired in addition to the printing).  If person normally mixes print and cursive, or writes lower case print, that is acceptable.  Finally, a signature and date.  The contents of the writing sample are irrelevant, though spontaneous writing is preferred, rather than copying.

3. Mail or fax the completed Order Form with the handwriting sample(s) to HRC.  If you fax, set fax machine on the “fine” or “detail” setting.

4. Analysis results will be returned fax, mailed or Fed-Xed as you requested on the Order Form.  A telephone consultation to review the results is included with most of our products: just call when you’re ready to review.

Turnaround Time:

Results are provided in two business days; one day “rush” services are 25% additional.


HRC will bill you for our services on a monthly basis; due net 30 days.  Use our services on an as needed basis; there are no contracts to sign.


Any analysis can be upgraded to a more in-depth profile by simply notifying us by phone or fax.


                                                                 A= Applicants
                                                                 E= Employees
                                                                 T= Team-building
                                                                 P= Personal: self-growth, career guidance, relationships
                                                                 I = Investigations

(A)  Pre-Interview Sort: ($15 per applicant; requires 10 minimum per order)
Designed to pinpoint which job applicants are worth interviewing, and which are not; this saves you a lot of time.  This fast and easy process gives you the advantage of being able to quickly identify and hire the best applicants before your competitors.  Applicants are sorted into one of four groups: very good, acceptable, questionable and poor.  Ideal for high volume screening when you don’t have time to interview everyone, but can’t afford to overlook good people.  Self-explanatory results.

(A,I)  Risk Assessment: ($40 per person)
Designed to evaluate applicants considered for cash, safety or security sensitive jobs.  Profile measures four key areas: Emotional Stability, Honesty, Judgment Quality & Substance Abuse Risk.  Self-explanatory results.

(A,I)  Basic Profile:  ($95 per person)
A unique intermediate level pre-employment tool where we customize the profile to the specific job.  Example: “attention to detail” for secretarial applicants or “persuasive” for sales applicants.  Select 16 traits from a menu of traits.  When more than one candidate is submitted, HRC also provides a Comparative Basic Matrix for easy applicant comparisons.  Results provide insight into talents or problems to probe during interview.  Upgrade results to the HRC Comprehensive on final candidates for additional $150 per person.  Consultation is included.

(E,T,P)  Holland Model: ($95 per person)
Designed for career guidance, job-matching and team-building.  Based upon Dr. Holland’s theory that one’s personality should greatly determine one’s career choices.  This four page profile assists employers, employees, team members and individuals by comparing person to different career and personality types.  It explains why a person behaves the way they do.  Additional pages provided for team applications that can greatly enhance teamwork, communication, and coping with stress.  Consultation is included.

(A,E,T,P,I)  Comprehensive Profile: ($225 per person)
This 10 page report covers it all; HRC’s most thorough, versatile and reusable profile.  Designed for applicant screening (and interviewing tool), self-improvement, employee assessments, team-building, career guidance, compatibility assessments (corporate or personal), and any type of behavioral investigation.  Many companies use profile during job screening process, then provide new hire with copy as a tool for self-improvement.  Recommended on any important job post and on all final job candidates.  Consultation is included.

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