Handwriting Research Corporation

Analysis of DC/Beltway Sniper

Identity of Writer:
As yet, we are not sure who wrote these letters, although the personality of the author greatly resembles John Allen Mohammed.

Overall Personality of Author of Note:
*  Sociopathic, average intelligence at best, reclusive, selfish, emotionally stunted,  anxiety attacks, fear of intimate relationships, perverted, uneducated, unrefined, tormented, depressive, insecure, attempts to remove fear through control of others, blue collar, perfectionistic, resembles a less intelligent Timothy McVeigh, physically disciplined, emotionally swings from self-control to lack of control, poor planner.

Examples of stupidity while writing note:
*  Refers to a partner through repeated phrases such as: "We (4x), Us (3x), Our (2x)"
*  Military exposure and training of himself: "forces, officer, task force, female officer, failure to respond, 6:00 (the zeros have a forward slash through each), body bags, roman numerals (i, iv, v, iii).
*  Contradicts himself by saying claiming his demands are non-negotiable but also states he wants to "start negotiations." "We have tried to contact you to start negotiations" BUT "...then you will accept our demands which are non-negotiable."
*  "Call me God"   This is a crude attempt at usurping power over others.  The author at one point may have believed in God in the past, but now no longer does due to some serious dissapointments.  As a result, he replaces God with himself. Attempts to control others through terror/fear not by his own confidence/abilities. Not religious; even if he claims to be.

*  Not an extortion letter. Extortion is not his true motive.
*  The reasons are:
        1.  "start negotiations"   An extortionist doesn't want to negotiate.
        2.  "Hoax/Joke"  He is both redundant and capitalizes (emphasizing) that the letter is not his primary motive.
        3.  Poor planning skills; the letters are an after thought.  This person is not strong in long range planning.
        4.  Letter written AFTER, not before the killings
        5.  "If we give you our word . . . "  This suggests writer is not planning on giving his word, or doing any deal.
These are the letters of an assassin, not an extortionist.
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