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HRC Fact Sheet

Founded in 1983, Handwriting Research Corporation (HRC) is the leader in innovative personality evaluations, utilizing sophisticated technology to analyze handwriting samples. Through handwriting analysis, insight is achieved instantly into the personality of an individual or team without relying on their cooperation, honesty or self-analysis as found in questionnaires, interviews, self-reports, etc.  No other method of understanding a person is as objective, fair, and accurate as HRC's unique system of personality profiling.

HRC is the only handwriting analysis company to have published a Technical Manual of it's statistical validity and reliability. It's results were presented to the American Psychological Association's 98th National Convention.  The Technical Manual also provides information on the legal and ethical issues of handwriting analysis.

HRC's founder and president, Mark Hopper, spearheaded  the creation and ongoing development of "CHAPS," HRC's unique and revolutionary Computerized Handwriting Analysis and Profiling System designed for high volume, speed, objectivity and accuracy. With over 20 years and two million dollars in development, CHAPS offers the latest in psychological assessments. HRC personality profiles are utilized by companies and individuals all over the world for: employment screening, organizational development, team building, career development, self-improvement, conflict management, compatibility evaluations (business and marital), investigations and jury selection.

Since 1983, more than 1,600 corporate clients from a variety of industries have utilized HRC's handwriting analysis profiles. HRC clients include: banks and financial institutions, retail stores, pharmaceutical companies, computer software companies, management consultants, convenience store chains, manufacturing companies, property management and real estate firms, among others. HRC is endorsed by business leaders and executives, labor law firms, attorneys, organizational psychologists, bank presidents, university professors, management consultants and thousands of individuals.

HRC has been tested and featured by literally hundreds of professional organizations and media including: The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Dateline, ABC World News, Judicial Watch Report, USA Today, NPR and hundreds of others. HRC has been a featured speaker for over one hundred  professional associations. (See media list and presentations.)

Our mission is to bring psychological profiling and understanding into the 21st century by demonstrating that an analysis of one's handwriting reveals one's true personality, far better than self-reports, questionnaires, interviews and other antiquated, subjective easy to manipulate techniques.

Handwriting Research Corporation is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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