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Research has established that:

Personality has proven to be a more important predictor of  job success and personal happiness than one's education, age, gender and even job experience!  If employers are to hire and retain the right people, then they must consider heavily the personality of job applicants and employees.  With handwriting analysis being the only objective way to obtain such critical personality information, employers can greatly benefit from learning about this unique method of understanding people for benefit in business and in one's personal family life.

Mark Hopper, President of Handwriting Research Corporation, provides a one-to-three hour fascinating graphic overhead demonstration beginning with actual handwriting samples illustrating how handwriting reflects one's: personality, career,  relationship compatibility, and even health.  Tools available to corporations for gathering personality information are also examined: interviewing, testing, handwriting analysis, questionnaires, resumes and background checks.  Legal, ethical, and how-to-use issues are discussed along with a look at what handwriting analysis can and cannot reveal.  Who uses this service and how it is being utilized is also examined.  Presentation format is informal and is designed to encourage attendees to ask questions and to aim the presentation in areas that interest them.   The presentation is NOT a sales presentation; it is educational in nature.  Each attendee will receive a take-home literature packet.

Attendees will walk away viewing handwriting analysis in a far more educated, enlightened way.  They will learn how personality greatly dictates one's behavior and destiny.  Skeptics seem to enjoy and benefit from the presentation the most. Attendees will now have a unique tool to evaluate people which provides insight into themselves and others, and acquire an understanding of why people succeed and fail.  Even those attendees who do not utilize our services will gain insight into personality, how to communicate with others more effectively and to improve the quality of their people decisions.

Computer-aided handwriting analysis is now the tool of the future for use in: self-improvement, understanding others & employment hiring, team-building and investigations.  Attendees will have their eyes opened by this presentation, as they discover the single most powerful psychological assessment tool available.

Presentation Format

          I.     Personality Is Critical to Job Success & Happiness
          II.    Methods of Determining a Person's Personality
          III.   Handwriting Demonstrations (Nixon, Hitler, Ramsey Case, Threatening Letters, etc.)
          IV.   Discussion:  Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Handwriting Analysis (case histories)
          V.    Applications:  Handwriting Analysis for Business, Self-evaluations and Relationships

Three costs are involved:
1. Travel & Stay: All travel expenses (air & ground) and hotel when overnight stays are a necessity.
2. Speaking Fee: (varies from no charge to $1,500 contingent upon opportunity offered)
3. Analysis of Attendees Handwritings: It is highly recommended  (but optional), that attendees submit their handwriting samples in advance of presentation (3 weeks prior) to have a Comprehensive Profile analysis prepared.  In this way, attendees will receive a first hand experience of the service and see how the analysis and consultation will equip them to better themselves and others.  Cost of handwriting analysis  (10 page Comprehensive Profile) and consultation is $225 per attendee.

About the Speaker

Mark A. Hopper, M.C.
Founder and President
Handwriting Research Corporation

Mr. Hopper received his B.S. degree in psychology in 1979 from Oklahoma Christian College.  He later received a professional M.C. degree, Master of Counseling, from Arizona State University.

Mr. Hopper, president and founder of Handwriting Research Corporation, has provided management consulting and pre-employment screening services to CEOís and business executives since 1977.  As a professional graphologist for 25 years with a background in clinical research, Mr. Hopper is largely responsible for the creation and on-going development of  ďCHAPS,Ē HRCís unique and revolutionary Computerized Handwriting Analysis and Profiling System designed for high-volume, speed, and accuracy.  With over fifteen years and two million dollars in development, CHAPS offers the latest in psychological assessments.  HRC personality profiles are being used by companies all over the world for employment screening, organizational development, team-building, career development, self-improvement, conflict management, compatibility evaluations, investigations, and jury selection.  The results of Mr. Hopperís research breakthroughs have been presented at the American Psychological Associationís national convention.

Mr. Hopper has been a featured speaker for over 100 organizations, including: The National Banking Institute, The American Society for Industrial Security, American Society of Personnel Administration, The United States Air Force, The Affirmative Action Association, The Western Independent Bankerís Association and others.  Further, Mr. Hopper has received a great deal of coverage including: NBC Dateline, CBS Good Morning News, ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, National Public Radio, The Montel Williams Show, The Wall Street Journal Television Report, World Monitor Television, The Detroit News, The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Phoenix Gazette, American Banker, Personnel News and over 150 others.  He has also been featured in magazines such as: Bankerís Monthly, Corporate Security, Human Resources Executive, Personnel Administrator, Business Week, Security Management magazine, Nationís Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Human Resources Magazine, City New York and dozens of others.  He is routinely utilized as an expert in personality evaluation by NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC for investigations and famous personality feature stories.

Prior Speaking Engagements

In addition to having been featured on national television, radio, magazines and newspapers over 200 times, including The Wall Street Journal (front page), USA Today, National Public Radio, The Montel Williams Show, The Chicago Tribune, ABC News with Peter Jennings, Entrepreneur Magazine, HRC has also provided over 100 speaking engagements spanning 17 years including:
American Psychological Association National Conference (Boston) LA County Bar Association
Association of Legal Administrators International Association of Personnel in Employment Security
American Society for Industrial Security The National Banking Institute
American Society of Personnel Administration Affirmative Action Association
The United States Air Force (Recruiting Division) (San Antonio) National Association of Public Sector EEOC Officers
International Institute of Convention Management Rocky Mountain Educational Placement Association
Western Communications Forum; National Consortium Western Independent Banker's Association
Phoenix Personnel Management Association International Meetings & Incentives Marketplace
American Graduate School of International Management Young President's Association
National Fire Protection Association Institute of Management Consultants, Arizona chapter
Arizona State University (Business College) National Master Pools Dallas Convention (Dallas)
Chief Executive Forum (Seattle (2), Portland, Las Vegas) TEC Group (Las Vegas)
Fire Suppressions Systems Association (Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, NYC, & AZ) Arizona Employer's Council
Automobile Association of America (Minneapolis) Metro Phoenix Human Resources Association
Virtual Business Solutions Chamber of Commerce (Minneapolis, Phoenix)
Business Partners Seminar Series Arizona Search Consultants Association

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