Handwriting Research Corporation

Profiles of Famous People

Below, are the handwriting analysis results of some of the famous personalities that we have profiled. Profiles can be seen in the full 10 page pdf format.

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  George W. Bush   John F. Kerry   Pat Buchanan
  Hillary Clinton   Bill Clinton   JFK
  Fife Symington   John McCain   Ronald Reagan
  Benjamin Franklin   Richard Gephardt   George Washington
  Princess Diana   Al Gore   Barak Obama


Military Leaders

  Gen. Colin Powell   Adolph Hitler
  George Washington   George Custer, General


Famous Personalities

  Jacqueline Onassis   Monica Lewinsky
  Wyatt Earp   Barbara Walters



  Sigmund Freud   Albert Einstein   Benjamin Franklin
  Thomas Edison   Charles Darwin


Arts & Entertainment
Musicians, Authors, Artists, Entertainers

  Laura Schlessinger   Charles Schulz   Janis Joplin
  Dolly Parton   Ernest Hemingway   John Lennon
  Marilyn Monroe   Madonna   Beethoven
  Joan Rivers   Paul McCartney   Jimi Hendrix
  Kurt Cobain



  DC/Beltway Sniper   Timothy McVeigh   O.J. Simpson
  Kenneth Kimes   John Hinkley   Charles Manson
  Ted Bundy   Jeffrey Dahmer   Fife Symington
  Adolph Hitler   David Berkowitz   Lucas Helder the "Mailbox Pipe Bomber"
  Ted Kaczynski   DC/Beltway Sniper   Analysis of Anthrax Letters
  D.C. Madam: Deborah Jean Palfrey



  Dave Thomas