Handwriting Research Corporation

HRC Media Coverage

National Public Radio - Washington, D.C. - National Broadcast WWJ Detroit - Aired in 39 States
KNRY - Monterey, CA  Canadian Radio - Canada 
WAZQ - New York, NY  Money Radio - Los Angeles, CA
WJR Detroit Radio  WOJB - Hayward, MI 
KLBJ - Austin, TX WCKN - The World Today - Vancouver, Canada
WOR - New York, NY - Tri-state area 710 a.m. WVLK - Lexington, KY - CBS Affiliate
WLAC - Nashville, TN - Aired in TN, KY & AL KST - Sacramento, CA
WJON - Chicago, IL WADE - Allington, PA
KTAR - Phoenix, AZ  KFFN - Phoenix, AZ
KFYI - Phoenix, AZ KFYI - Phoenix, AZ 
KFYI - Phoenix, AZ KLBJ - Austin, TX
KFNN - Phoenix, AZ KUPD - Phoenix, AZ
KUPD - Phoenix, AZ KTAR - Phoenix, AZ 
KTAR - Phoenix, AZ KNST - Tucson, AZ 

Any station appearing more than once denotes more than one appearance has been made.  HRC's radio appearances have covered such topics as:  profiling politicians for upcoming elections, insight into criminals (murderers, bombers), educating the public about handwriting analysis, relationship compability, uses of handwriting analysis in employment situations, famous personalities and historical figures.

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