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Objective personality information without relying on applicants' honesty or self-awareness from interview or
Profile out-of-town applicants without having to fly them in
Discover applicants strengths & weaknesses before interviewing
Interview tool and guide (ask the right questions during the interview)
Profile vendors (therapist, baby-sitter, landscapers, roommates, accountant, attorney)


Improve teamwork: discover both individual & team strengths & weaknesses
Improve employee performance through greater self understanding & one-on-one consultation with an HRC
Gain insight before promoting or transferring employees
Profile good & poor staff; Create "Success Model" for future use in hiring
Identify the real corporate culture (executive team & managers)
Downsizing - identify the bet employees to retain
Outplacement - provides career guidance & tool for self-improvement


  Self-improvement (improve: happiness, health, relationships, achieve goals)
  Career guidance
  Profile prospective, present or past dating & marriage partners
  Profile family members (improve communications)
  Gift for someone's birthday or holiday (help them raise self-awareness)


  Profile prospective business partners and customers (an edge in negotiating)
  Threatening letters; in-depth understanding of the author (kidnap notes/poison pen)
  Anonymous letters (understand he type of person who wrote the letter)
  Suicide notes (to understand one's state of mind)
  Profile suspects without their knowledge! (improved interrogation techniques)
  Understand troubled family members (to gain insight)
  Jury selection (eliminate unsuitable juror candidates)
  Profile the uncooperative (those who refuse to take psychological test)
  Profile participants in arbitration or mediation cases

Profiling Individuals Not Available in Person

  Profiling the dead
  Profiling someone hiding or missing

  Profiling the uncooperative
  Stealth or Investigation

  Profiling a person over a course of time
  Decipher an illegible handwriting

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